Baker Brothers integrated branding campaign

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Above-the-line advertising and digital branding campaign for an established, family-run jewellers.

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Established in 1839, Baker Brothers is a family run firm of jewellers that caters for customers seeking a wide range of products from an expensive Rolex watch to affordable gifts for the family. 

The company’s own research had identified that one of its core markets – young couple’s getting engaged – perceived the brand as expensive and old-fashioned. 

Further analysis of the research also identified that amongst all local audiences, there was little awareness about the expertise and specialisms within Baker Brothers with regard to diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Using the research findings, Bonfire developed concepts that were bright, bold and unique in the jewellery sector. 

The strategy behind the design would not only reinforce Baker Brothers as an authority in diamonds, but also re-position the brand with the core market of young, engaged couples as dynamic, contemporary and desirable.

Under the campaign banner, ‘Express Your Love’, we developed executions that focused on specific purchase types, such as an engagement ring or a watch, and incorporated the exclamations of delight following the giving of such a gift. Getting right to the heart of the customers’ experience

The campaign ran on 96 and 48 sheet billboards, 6 sheet station sites and buses in the targeted areas. 

We also developed in-store PoS and used the creative across social media, email marketing and landing pages to ensure that the ‘Express Your Love’ campaign was delivered consistently at every point of the customer journey.

Customer feedback has been extremely positive, with Baker Brothers seeing a significant increase in footfall instore, as well as a surge in traffic on its website and other digital channels. 

The creative has now been extended to other key retail dates (eg Mother’s Day and Christmas), and to promote its makeover design service, reinforcing Baker Brothers expertise in diamonds.

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This was a real step away from our usual style of campaign, so we were a bit nervous. We really love it now, it has a fresher, younger and fun feel to it, which was what we were aiming for. We have had more comments on this than from the whole time we have been doing billboard advertising.

Owner & Director, Baker Brothers

The store saw a significant increase in footfall during campaign.

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