Bombardier brand extension

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Brand extension and development of Bombardier for Wells & Young’s.


A very successful redevelopment of two brand extensions for The Colonel’s Reserve and Burning Gold.

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Since the introduction of Rik Mayall as ‘The Bombardier’, the brand had become one of the most recognisable in the UK beer market, with nearly 90% of drinkers recognising Bombardier from its advertising campaign. 

With Wells & Young’s having launched two brand extensions – The Colonel’s Choice and Burning Gold – the challenge for Bonfire was now to redesign the branding to bring greater consistency across the range, reinforce Bombardier as a premium ale, strengthen the shelf shout of all products (both in the on and off trade), encourage existing drinkers to purchase more frequently and entice new drinkers to trial the beers.

Using the existing Bombardier branding and packaging as our starting point, we redesigned the visual identities for The Colonel’s Reserve and Burning Gold to better reflect each beer’s distinctive characteristics whilst ensuring each was instantly recognisable as part of the Bombardier family. 

The Colonel’s Reserve was designed to have a heritage feel, epitomising the sense that this was the very best Bombardier beer on the market. Burning Gold, as a lighter beer, needed packaging to reflect this that would encourage those at the younger end of the target audience and/or lager drinkers to trial the product as an entry point into the Bombardier brand.

The new designs widened the appeal of Bombardier to new drinkers and encouraged existing drinkers to trial new Bombardier variants and therefore maintain their brand loyalty. 

By clearly differentiating the premium range from the everyday beer, it provided customers with a simple, clear and easy way to navigate through a repertoire of options in the enhanced Bombardier portfolio. A full set of core product marketing materials was designed including pump clips, bottle labels, outer packaging, bar runners, drip mats and POS.

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Beautifully executed designs in keeping with Bombardiers core brand values.

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