Bosch i-DOS 'Loads off your mind' integrated laundry campaign

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Integrated campaign promoting awareness of the Bosch brand within the laundry sector, with a focus on i-DOS technology.


Bosch Peace of Mind digital campaign delivered a strong 43% engagement rate across an in-market audience.

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The Bosch brand was under pressure from an increase in new market entrants, positioning their brands as having the most recent and innovative technology. 

Working with the Bosch marketing team and their media agency, our challenge was to attract more consumers to consider Bosch for their next washing machine purchase and promote the benefits of Bosch’s innovative i-DOS technology in some of their models. Not only did we need to communicate the benefits of the i-DOS system as a convenience benefit for consumers, but also focus on what i-DOS delivers in terms of better cleaning performance and less detergent waste.

Bonfire focused on a unique attribute of the Bosch brand that new entrants could not match: Bosch’s heritage. 

We could point to a long history of satisfied customers who enjoyed perfect cleaning results every load with their Bosch washing machines. Once we had reinforced this key message, to position the Bosch range above competitors, the next task was to draw them towards the benefits and convenience of Bosch’s automatic dosing technology, i-DOS.

The range campaign led with the message ‘Peace of mind, by Bosch’ across all creative, and included hero shots of products from Serie 4 washing machines to the top-of-the-range Serie 8 appliances. The i-DOS creative focused on the technology’s ability to sense and use exactly the right amount of detergent for each load, which meant consumers only needed to fill the machine once every 20 washes. Communicating this with an eye-catching visual of a petrol pump helped create an analogy that was universally understood and educated customers as to how Bosch’s i-DOS worked.

The initial awareness campaign launched with display ads in national dailies, supplements and women’s lifestyle magazines, together with a large format rich media digital display ad which achieved a strong 43% engagement rate.

Further ads using the same channels then followed, focusing on the i-DOS technology, this time directing consumers to an i-DOS landing page to educate on the feature-specific benefits. In order to drive even more traffic to this landing page, Bonfire wrote, created and directed a 30sec i-DOS campaign video to be promoted on Facebook. The video, featured the brand’s spokesperson Karl, the Bosch Engineer who explained the i-DOS technology in a simple, fun and engaging way. Users who engaged with this video were then retargeted across the web with a promotion message, advertising cash back on i-DOS appliances. This activity delivered a 13 times higher conversion rate compared to previous non-retargeted advertising.

The above the line campaign was supported by in store PoS, both feature led and promotional, to encourage conversion at point of purchase.

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Bosch washing machine sales were up year on year from the period the campaign ran.

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