BSH Home Appliances UK head office interior design

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Interior design and branding for the corporate headquarters of BSH UK.

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The headquarters of BSH Home Appliances – the business that manages the Gaggenau, Siemens, NEFF and Bosch brands in the UK – were characterised by long, plain, white corridors. 

As well as being uninspiring for BSH staff, the environment failed to deliver any of the technological innovation, excitement and passion of the brands to trade customers and other visitors. Certain areas also needed systems where content could be updated from time-to-time.

Our concept involved bringing each brand to life in a series of timelines to tell the story of how each one began and highlighting key milestones in their development. 

We focused on key themes, such as transforming family/home life through innovation and eco-credentials to show that modern convenience could be delivered with less environmental impact. The design scheme also needed to ensure that the parent BSH brand was effectively communicated through its corporate principles and vision.

By creating a high-impact brand experience for staff and visitors alike, we have been able to raise both the pride of staff working for BSH.

This has also provided trade customers and other visitors a more engaging experience at BSH HQ, and the brands it looks after in the UK. From a plain corporate interior, we have now delivered a fresh, modern environment that inspires staff and impresses visitors. We are now working on other BSH sites around the UK, such as customer services, and furthering the brand journey into other areas of the HQ building environment.

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Bonfire were able to quickly capture the essence and history of our brands – translating these succinctly into inspiring and uplifting messages and designs that have made a real difference to how we feel about our company and our products.

Marketing Director, BSH Home Appliances
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Scope for application across multiple sites.

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Interiors helped embed and drive pride in employees.

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