Fujifilm medical systems advertising campaign

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A ground breaking advertising campaign that raised both profile and awareness.

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Original campaign sub-line adopted as brand strapline.

Fujifilm Medical Systems had, for the first time, committed to an annual advertising campaign in two key UK trade press titles; RAD and Synergy. In order to maximise the impact of the campaign in quite a conservative sector, and secure a good return on investment, the company recognised that it needed to explore a new direction in medical product advertising. However, the new creative executions also needed to complement the existing Fujifilm values and style guidelines.

Through researching competitors and their marketing campaigns, we explored and developed a range of creative concepts for the client that promoted Fujifilm’s new mobile digital x-ray product in a more lateral and engaging way.

The final executions highlighted the key product features and benefits as well as communicating the brand’s heritage in the imaging industry.

By moving away from the industry standard approach to medical device advertising, we were able to launch a ‘revolutionary’ campaign which was both confident and conceptual. It generated a huge amount of industry discussion amongst radiographers, industry sales staff and publications alike.

The creation of a new brand strapline for the campaign – ‘for the image conscious’ – has subsequently been adopted and implemented across all Fujifilm Medical Systems communications as the perfect representation of the brand’s essence.

On another note the publishers were so happy to have such thought-provoking creative output in their magazines a few of them recommended us to other advertisers.


The product launch campaign was a revolutionary campaign for the sector.

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Bonfire has helped to significantly raise our brand and product profile. The series of adverts were certainly seen as groundbreaking in our industry and delivered great stand-out in the trade press compared to a more traditional, sterile product advertisement. The adverts stop readers in their tracks, had a high recall rate and proved a valuable talking point when our sales teams speak to customers.

Marketing Manager, Fujifilm UK

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