Hainsworth Brand and Business review

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Clearer brand proposition increased static £10m turnover to c£13m in two years.


Business review, restructure and rebrand helps increase static £10m turnover to c£13m within 3 years.

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Brand and business proposition review, marketing strategy, brand development and implementation.

Hainsworth has been at the forefront of the textile industry since 1783, supplying military services, royalty and luxury hotels across the globe. Still owned and actively managed by the seventh generation of the Hainsworth family, it was in danger of being perceived as old-fashioned and out-of-touch with the needs of modern customers. Over 225 years of operation had seen the organic growth of specialist teams and divisions within the business that, whilst successful, had led to a confusing and inconsistent business proposition, brand and message traded under what were at the time 14 different Hainsworth companies.

Bonfire conducted a full strategic brand and business review, including a detailed research programme with senior management, staff, customers and suppliers. Our consultancy delivered a report highlighting the high degree of trust and loyalty customers had, as well as recommending areas of development for both the brand and the business.

One key area of this was the recommendation to consolidate the 14 companies into one singular company proposition with 3 core product groupings. Once this was accepted by the Board, we were instrumental in delivering the branding workshops that helped the Hainsworth directors engage with their managers and staff to ensure the smooth transition to the new business structure and brand proposition.

The 14 trading Hainsworth com panies were consolidated into a more logical ‘one company’ format with three clearly defined product ranges and an additional service offer. The new brand identity reflected the innovative nature of Hainsworth, whilst embracing its fantastic heritage. Through realigning the company, its image and values – as well as restructuring the business model – we were able to create a stronger, more focused and marketable brand proposition.

This in turn has created greater business development opportunities as a static £10m turnover has been replaced with steady revenue growth in the highly competitive global textile market. Hainsworth has since seen greater team collaboration and staff motivation, and operating turnovers of between £13-15m and growing.

On top of this, the digital strategy employed to consolidate all of the businesses online was highly commended in the B2B category at the prestigious New Media Age Effectiveness Awards 2010. The brand’s new online presence designed and implemented by Bonfire saw an increase of 60% in terms of unique visitors and 57% in terms of page impressions comparing the 6 months from launch with the same 6 months a year later (Jul-Dec 08 vs Jul-Dec 09).

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We move forward with a clearer business proposition and are very grateful for the commitment and consistent support Bonfire have provided.

Managing Director, A W Hainsworth & Sons Ltd
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Digital strategy consolidating 13 sites into one led to 57% increase in both visits and page views.

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