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Proving that the right brand name can make you more memorable to your audience.

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For over 25 years the founders of KAI have been installing domestic kitchen appliances to new builds and existing homes through contracts with developers and high street retailers. Independence was on the horizon and on leaving their parent holding company, they wanted to create a new name and brand for the business to support bold and brave future growth plans.

There was a clear opportunity to create standout for KAI, in what was a very conservative marketplace missing a dynamically positioned market leader. To attract new prospects and generate interest, we were tasked with developing a new name and proposition that would clearly and confidently distinguish them from any competition.

There was a dual rationale for the community hub: to make Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation more visible and approachable, as well as change the perception of the organisation from one that preached and dictated to one that listened and consulted.

Having undertaken a detailed onsite inspection of the freshly gutted retail unit, we carefully planned the space and created a natural flow where visitors could follow an interesting, informative and engaging path. The design scheme was also carefully considered and involved a mix of materials and colours to create a more ‘crafty’ feel so that the space did not give the appearance of just another clinical, corporate organisation.

On entrance, we created an area that promoted the corporate values and principles, the types of people, businesses and organisations they help and the six charitable commitments that drive the work of the Foundation. Next we installed an AV area that informed visitors of the latest news and developments in their town and adjacent was a space where residents could make their own suggestions for Letchworth’s future development.

Visitors were then subtly directed to the informal reception area designed in the shape of a question mark, where the receptionist stood in front rather than being ‘protected’ behind.

Finally, there was an informal seating area and secure children’s play area where visitors could discuss any issues or ideas amongst themselves, or with Foundation staff.

By taking visitors to the community hub on an information journey from the moment they set foot in the entrance, we were able to raise their understanding of the purpose and workings of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and their objectives in terms of local planning and development, and protection, of the unique Letchworth community. The friendly and welcoming space has contributed in changing peoples’ perceptions of the Foundation as an organisation that is actively embedded within and listens to its community.

The hub has helped create a forum for more open discussions and consultations with the community before decisions are made and has helped reduce the amount of antagonism and volume of complaints that were historically made at more formal meetings, such as Local Authority Planning Meetings and the Foundation’s own Annual Public Meeting.


Under the new branding, Kaboodle goes from strength to strength, securing accounts with John Lewis, Harrods and Know How, along with many independent retailers.

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Helped attract and gain investment to support growth plans.

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