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Brand development, retail branding and marketing communications for Leith’s, part of The Compass Group.

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Leith’s is part of The Compass Group, the largest food services company in the world. The company delivers contract catering services to some of the UK’s most prestigious arts and entertainment venues, including The British Library, The Royal Albert Hall, Marwell Zoo and the Birmingham IMAX. However, due to the stringent brand requirements of the venues it operated in, there was nothing to communicate to customers that they were enjoying a ‘Leith’s experience’.

Despite facing a seemingly complex problem, Bonfire developed a simple and effective answer. We created a rich, subtle design that allowed specific venues to be dual-branded (Leith’s and the venue), unbranded or completely venue branded.

Using a deep plum colour, the design fitted in perfectly with the environment and heritage of many of the venues where Leith’s operated. We created a branding suite and style guide that could be consistently applied to existing and new venues, as well as the successful implementation of the first fully content managed web presence catering for all of Leith’s venues and service offerings.

Brand awareness of the ‘Leith’s experience’ was successfully raised through clear communication, distinctive branding and quality messaging. The signature colour helped ensure that each venue – starting with the roll-out at The British Library - proclaimed the unmistakable message that the diner was in a ‘Leith’s restaurant’ no matter whether it was branded, dual-branded, or unbranded.

We provided full brand guidelines covering everything from shelf talkers to packaging, and from menus to uniform, from crockery to signage, maintaining consistency across the Leith’s estate as the new identity was rolled-out internally.

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The solution showed a thorough understanding of the brand, and the subtlety required, and we are now in the process of implementing our newly branded communications tools across all of our 25 locations.

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