Olympus advertising campaign

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Integrated TV, and digital, product and brand advertising campaign for Olympus.


Olympus saw a 200% uplift in sales across multi-products during the period the TV advert ran.

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With such strong brand equity in its cameras, Olympus needed a creative and compelling campaign to promote the DNS voice recorder which, as it was bundled with Dragon naturally speaking software, was able to convert speech into text at an impressive 160 words per minute.

Bonfire was successful in a five-way pitch with our ‘Read My Lips’ concept, aiming the product and media plan squarely at the core student market. The finished advert was founded on a high quality, rich film-style script and concept that combined a classic mix of humour, storytelling and sex.

By adding a few cult film references and a couple of deliberate Hollywood-style continuity errors, we not only drew the audience into the story but also effectively communicated the incredible time saving attributes of the product, its portability and ease of use. The content was also delivered through a number of digital channels to encourage interaction and engagement.

During the period in which the campaign ran, sales increased by 200%. 

The uplift was seen not just with the specific product advertised, but with other Olympus products in the same category. Extending the campaign into the social media world has seen its longevity extended and the original advert and ‘making of’ material has been viewed over 10,000 times.

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A wonderful narrative driven story with high-end production.

As a branding consultancy Bonfire’s approach was very different; analytical in its deduction and highly creative in its application. Bonfire brought a refreshing and enlightened approach to what was a challenging brief. From the start they were open, inclusive and honest. The Olympus VN-5500PC DNS is a superb product and it needed a different approach to ‘your standard ad’. We feel that the TV advert combined with social media sites and YouTube interaction resulted in an engaging campaign that raised awareness of this ingenious product and the Olympus brand.

National Marketing Manager, Olympus
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