Randstad Education brand transition

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Corporate brand transition campaign development, concept and delivery for Randstad Education.

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Consumer research had identified that Chad Valley was categorised by its core target audience (parents with children under five) as a ‘non-descript’ brand. 

It lacked the confidence and energy of competitors such as Fisher Price, Thomas the Tank Engine and Early Learning Centre. Parents struggled to know what the brand stood for and they had concerns over product quality. Initial Chad Valley pages in the catalogue were viewed as dated, dreary, confusing, unappealing and lacking in personality.

Bonfire was commissioned to develop an inclusive set of brand guidelines and deliver the Chad Valley brand promise of ‘endless play’ in both the catalogue and online shop. 

Our designs conveyed the energy, confidence and vibrancy of the toy range. It was vital to deliver ‘shelf shout’ in the unique retail environment of Argos where customers are unable to examine goods in the store.

The overall outcome was a more detailed, intelligent and consistent implementation across the various toy categories and two key Argos touchpoints, the catalogue and online shop. We also took this approach with the game packaging. The customer journey was transformed and the target audience were engaged more effectively and lingered longer on the Chad Valley pages.

The impact of the design was reflected in sales with a 57% uplift in the July-January sales period following the new catalogue design versus the previous same sales months. Argos achieved a market share increase in the UK toy sector from 37% to 41% in 2010. Approximately 70% of this four percentage point increase is directly attributable to the incremental increase in sales of 35%, that the Chad Valley brand has generated in the first 18 months implementation of the revised branding.

The brand had exceeded its three-year business plan revenue targets within the first 12 months. Bonfire continues to evolve the Chad Valley branding, offers brand guardianship and explores, develops and extends the brand guidelines as and when new product lines and categories are introduced.

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We started working with Bonfire in 2008 after a word-of-mouth recommendation. Having now experienced Bonfire first-hand it is clear that this is no ordinary agency – for what, on the surface, appears to be a small consultancy, Bonfire have gone far beyond our expectations. They have not only supplied a range of creative services but also given expert and pragmatic advice on marketing strategy, brand development and been heavily involved in developing and driving a brand transition strategy after Select Education’s acquisition by Randstad. I can recommend Bonfire to any company wanting an intelligent, enlightened and open-minded approach to their communications.

Managing Director, Randstad Education Group
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A carefully executed, award winning brand transition campaign.

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