A merchandising concept that surpassed all expectations

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UK wide advertising and promotional campaign for Sony PlayStation.

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After the phenomenal success of Sony’s PlayStation, Sony realised there was a golden opportunity for brand extension and immediately set about producing a quality merchandise range to capitalise on their game console’s success.

The range needed to capture the essence of the gaming culture reflecting the values, interests and aspirations of the rapidly expanding games market. The task was to ensure that the marketing campaign to support the merchandising launch did the same.

The resultant creative introduced the concept of ‘The PlayStation Widow’, evoking both sympathy and humour in equal measure.

Careful model selection ensured that the couples shown in the merchandising campaign reflected a more typical boy/girl next door so that more people could identify with the widow’s ‘pain’. Including the controller icons also reinforced the PlayStation brand on the subconscious mind.

The concept evoked both sympathy and humour in equal measure.

Sony originally planned to print 500,000 copies of the merchandise brochures but with a fantastic response from retailers this was quickly trebled to a 1.5 million print run.

The PlayStation Widow became a mini-phenomenon, with ‘widow’ merchandise a clear best seller and retailers quickly selling out of this and other stock in the range. The campaign caught the public imagination and inspired numerous press articles to debate the idea.

11 Sony Playstation Body 2520X1234

In my opinion, the ideas and work produced by these guys is easily on a par with anything created by our above-the-line agency.

Head of Marketing, Playstation

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