Urban Stone launch campaign

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Integrated UK awareness campaign for Urban Stone clothing.

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Helped achieve listings in all key target retailers.

Urban Stone was a new start-up business and determined to grab a slice of the over-crowded youth clothing market. However, the brand’s target audience were increasingly cynical and unlikely to respond to any advertising communications that positioned a brand in the mainstream ‘norm’.

The solution was to devise a completely different approach of communication for a streetwear brand that would generate excitement, anticipation and demand.

The normal conventions of clothing advertising were eschewed, and traditional model shots were dispensed with. They were replaced with colours, patterns and fabrics of the season in a way that ensured the focus was always on the brand. When models were introduced later in the campaign, their features remained hidden or obscured in some way to continue the brand’s differentiation and maintain this slightly irreverent theme.

The campaign delivered immediate interest from buyers and distributors across the UK and Urban Stone Clothing achieved listings in all its target outlets. As well as becoming a benchmark in creativity for the UK streetwear industry, the campaign spawned a host of big player imitators.

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Our very first advertising campaign was launched using incredibly creative and original ideas, which were completely different to anything else seen in our market at the time. They were intuitive to our needs, bringing a warmth and affinity with the customer, discreetly encouraging them to find out more about the brand, and developed a brand signature that was exactly in keeping with our vision

Design Director, Urban Stone
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Unique approach to streetwear advertising time. Campaign spawned many big player imitators.

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