Using Creative Intelligence to deliver results.

Ideas on their own have never been enough: Defining the challenge, that unique piece of insight, a deep understanding of the customer, meticulously planned integrated activations using the right channels (and much more) determine success, no matter how good the idea is. For true success you need to use a proven methodology.

We call ours Creative Intelligence™ and we are really good at it.

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What is Creative Intelligence?

Creative IntelligenceTM gives you a tangible framework to ensure collaboration, creativity and flexibility in every project, no matter what the size.

It's is a simple, three-step process; Frame, Create, Deliver, that is both iterative and robust – we love it, our clients love it.

Let us explain how Creative IntelligenceTM works..

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This is the most important but least glamorous stage of any project – and it’s the stage many organisations compromise. Not us. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand you and your business, we match that with insights and analysis, and as a result make sure we all have a clear picture of what we are trying to achieve. Now that we have the strategic direction - we take action.

The diligence of our ‘Framing’ stage enables us to make full use of the creativity we have at our disposal – and even if we do say so ourselves, that is a lot of creative brainpower.

Our Creative Intelligence™ process enables us to continually generate, filter and refine ideas until we reach the big one. An idea with the impact and flexibility that can be applied consistently across any number of platforms and channels.

We believe that creativity is great, but it has to be delivered effectively to ensure success. Whether you want us to lead or support, working together we can combine & synchronise our resources to deliver and track great results across all and any channels to measure our successes together.

Why is this important?

Ultimately, this means you have a tried and tested framework that gets you great results that can be measured – keeping any project on brand, on target, on budget and onBrief.

See how Creative Intelligence™ works for our clients.

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