5 ways to increase brand engagement


There are five major points to consider when trying to increase your engagement, these include: telling unique stories, learning from your audience, using real time trends to your advantage, providing personalised and integrated experiences and of course form a business relationship with the right design consultancy.

1. Tell unique stories

Companies like John Lewis and Mini have proven that great storytelling is key to virality. They’ve learned how to tap into the wiring that makes human beings human and use that connection to tell stories that inspire and touch us on a emotional/psychological level. As the understanding of your audience grows, your brand can create its own unique stories that are just as compelling.

2. Learn from your audience

Without knowing who your audience is or what they care about, you’re unlikely to achieve strong engagement with your brand. There are three primary ways you

can learn more about your prospects and customers.

A. Direct research such as focus groups, interviews, user testing and surveys.

B. Industry studies from other companies in your sector and external research firms.

C. Behavioural research obtained by looking at how your audience interacts with all your brand’s touch points.

3. Use real time trends to your advantage

A An intelligent approach during Dressgate in Feb 2015 (a banal debate on social media that went viral over the colour of a dress) where the Salvation Army skilfully leveraged the conversations already happening to call attention to domestic violence.

B Stupidity and insensitivity is always remembered. Don’t try to shoehorn a trend into your brand when it just doesn’t fit - American frozen pizza brand, DiGiorno thoughtlessly used the domestic violence campaign awareness hashtag #WhyIstayed to promote their product. The line they used #WhyIstayed You had pizza - created a wave of internet hatefire.

4. Provide personalised and integrated experiences

The more you learn about who you’re talking to, the more meaningful your conversation will be. By using the most effective channels for your brand you can tell a relevant story to the right people. We find CRM tools are particularly adept at this, being able to personalise content delivery (sharing the right pieces with the right people) and also the content itself using geographical, demographic, and personal information. Let’s also not forget traditional print methods like Direct Mail, particularly with the personalisation that digital print can offer with low (and even one-off) print runs. With so much information coming in through inboxes there is the possibility of it not being digested properly or even deleted. So strategic print is still relevant. It goes back to points 1 and 2 - engage and learn.

5. Form a business relationship with the right design consultancy

Get in touch and find out how we can help you intelligently engage with both your existing customers and wider target audience.

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