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Bon 8536 3 Mylan Latte 2400X1800Px V1

Since being appointed by Mylan at the beginning of this year, we’ve rolled out our first creative campaign to promote the company’s unique mouthwash product, CB12.

CB12 neutralises bad breath, rather than masking it, and prevents the formation of substances that cause it. The result is pleasant, odourless breath that lasts for 12 hours. In such a competitive category, we wanted to create social content that would highlight these qualities and engage customers as they scroll through their newsfeeds. 

Our first video, entitled 'Love your latte, hate your coffee breath?' is an animation created by the Bonfire team that presents CB12 as the answer to the downside of the nation’s passion for drinking coffee … bad breath.

And the results have put a smile on our face. The video has achieved a view-through rate (VTR) of 36% on Instagram and 40% on Facebook, with a click-through rate (CTR) of 6% on Facebook –  significantly higher than the health & beauty industry average of 3.3%.

We've been busy working on follow-up campaigns for CB12 If you are looking for impactful social media campaigns give Stephen Judge a call at Bonfire Creative Intelligence on 01525 841079.

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