An expert’s guide to choosing a creative agency


Whether it’s planning a rebrand or reworking your marketing strategy, a good partnership with an effective creative agency can help your business grow.

1. The pre-pitch process

Before you begin your search, work out your objectives and how you think this project will meet them. Then do you background research:

a) Look at previous work and case studies

b) Look at the agency’s resources and financial background

At this point you should start to develop a shortlist, but another important factor to consider is how well you’re likely to get on together…

2. Developing relationships

Before the big pitch, it’s important to hold a ‘chemistry meeting’. This is a great opportunity to discuss your goals and answer questions from both sides, aswell as work out if you can work with them.

3. The pitch

The standout agency will be the one that has done research into who your are, what it is you need to address your challenge and also the one you feel most comfortable working with.

Let’s remember your primary goal is to find a professional, trustworthy creative agency that you can develop a strong relationship with. Some agencies will have great ideas but if you don’t get along, or there is poor communication and/or understanding of how these ideas can help answer your business challenge, then those ideas could end up being very expensive.

The full version of article was originally written for the Guardian Small Business Network by Stephen Judge. You can read the full article here:

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