Bonfire brings Bosch 3D ad campaign to Piccadilly Station

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Bonfire has launched a 3D advertising campaign for Bosch Home Appliances at Piccadilly Circus Underground Station to promote its range of i-DOS washing machines.

The campaign takes over two shop units in the ticket hall and utilises various other ad spaces throughout the station. One unit, dressed in the style of a laundrette, displays the washing machines and features, in the window, the campaign strapline, “Whoever you are, whatever your load, i-DOS gets it #JustRight.”

To kick off the campaign, a range of characters including an astronaut, ballet dancer and Beefeater were seen carrying baskets of laundry across the tube network. On arrival at the installation, the laundry-goers acted out preparing and doing their washing in the “laundrette” to capture the interest of passers-by.

As they travelled to their destination, the laundry-goers were photographed and filmed by the Bonfire team for use in a social media campaign rolling out across Facebook and Instagram.

It is the first time the units at Piccadilly Station have been used with a live activation for advertising purposes, and the activity is part of a wider campaign to promote the i-DOS range, including TV.

Charlotte Moran, Group Marketing Manager, Bosch said:

“A live activation such as this kicks off our broader advertising campaign with some personality, while also triggering emotive cues among commuters passing by through the station. We’ve been delighted with the public’s reaction to this activity so far and the washing machines, both at the station and on social media.”

Dan Umney, Creative Head at Bonfire Creative Intelligence, added:

“We needed an idea that would stop someone in their newsfeed, and be interesting enough for them to keep watching whilst subtly educating them on the Bosch i-DOS message. This idea creates theatre both in the live environment as well as on social channels to get people talking about the brand.”

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