Retiring the tea towel for Bosch PerfectDry dishwashers


Our latest work for Bosch Home Appliances has delivered #perfect results. We were briefed to create the social video, digital advertising and POS elements of a national, multi-channel advertising campaign to launch Bosch’s new PerfectDry range of dishwashers.

Designed to demonstrate the unique PerfectDry dishwashing technology which produces cupboard-ready results, we produced two social media videos featuring an animated, discarded tea towel watching as on as plastic plates and containers emerge from the PerfectDry dishwasher clean and perfectly dry. The videos were one element in a wider social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that included a competition to win a PerfectDry dishwasher. Reactions to the videos have exceeded expectations, achieving 28% view through rates against a benchmark of 5.14%.

The campaign kicked off with the installation of a giant 3D dishwasher on London’s South Bank complete with a water feature that stopped and started as guests moved through it, replicating the conditions inside a dishwasher. All the graphics for the installation were also produced by Bonfire.

Our in-store POS replicated the advertising creative and is appearing in retail outlets across the UK now.

Julia Thomas, Account Director at Bonfire Creative Intelligence, added: “This truly integrated marketing campaign for the Bosch PerfectDry dishwasher employs a range of tactics across numerous channels to demonstrate the unique and useful benefits of the product and drive widespread awareness, engagement of course purchase consideration.”

Animation and digital advertising creative, production, TV script adaption and POS is by Bonfire Creative Intelligence.

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