Bringing a new baby brand into the world: The Ruk-bug® story

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The Ruk-bug is an innovative new, go anywhere, baby transporter, designed by father and entrepreneur Russell Clifton. We’ve been working with Ruk-bug since its inception to help Russell attract retailer interest and get the buggy into full production. 

In October the buggy was ready to launch for pre-orders. We created a new brand look and feel for Ruk-bug that represents the personality and premium nature of the brand. The new brand combines elements of fun in the form of children’s drawings combined with quintessentially British touches to reflect the inventor’s British roots, with imagery to illustrate the ease and simplicity of using the buggy. 

Pre-orders were made available via a Kickstarter campaign page, announced at the Best of British event in Shanghai in October. We built and launched a new website, incorporating video and CGI graphics of the buggy, and designed the exhibition stand for Shanghai event. We created a pre-launch campaign that included digital ads for outlets such as Best Buggy, plus search and social ads and an electronic mail campaign to generate interest and drive traffic to the website and the pre-order Kickstarter page. All collateral was produced in both English and Chinese language. 

All imagery, CGI work and video was created by the Bonfire team. 

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