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For the July 2014 catalogue launch (catalogue 82), Bonfire were invited to help overhaul and reinvigorate the Chad Valley brand at key customer touch points; these being catalogue and product packaging.

The core objective was to review, and evolve where necessary, the key brand theme of ‘imaginative play’ to ensure Chad Valley continued to remain a strong competitor against established toy brands.

Part of the review included establishing more powerful sub brands for each toy category. Ensuring at all times that any proposed solutions would be flexible enough to work on both the pack, page and web with equal standing.

We worked alongside the brand team as well as the product managers, trading team and the internal creative team to ensure all suggestions were on brand and flexible enough for the internal design team to adapt and move forward with; thus making it as commercially viable as possible in the short term.

We have worked and developed the award-winning Chad Valley brand extensively since 2010 and seen some big positive changes to the brand as it looks to remain relevant and competitive in a very busy and everchanging marketplace. It is a pleasure to work on such a fantastic and historic British brand.

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