Design drives effectiveness for The Eagle Brewery

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Following its acquisition of the brewing and brands business of Charles Wells Ltd. in 2017, Marston’s asked Bonfire to create and build a bold identity and branding for the newly named Eagle Brewery.

The Eagle Brewery brand is the flagship of Marston’s venture in Bedford and Marston’s wanted a new visual identity which was representative of its innovative and future-facing approach to brewing, whilst remaining true to the brewery’s enviable heritage as a master brewer.

Our final creative concept drew on these elements with a bold, contemporary rework of the existing eagle symbol. Dark blue (a colour long associated with Bedford) is partnered with a modern metallic copper to give a contemporary, quality feel and deliver high impact. The modern font gives the logo a clean, bold look and allows the eagle graphic to remain the focal point.

The brewery branding was so well received both on- and off-trade that we adapted it for use on the Eagle IPA brand and implemented it across Eagle IPA pump clips, bottles, promotional packaging, merchandise and POS.

Since the introduction of the new branding, Eagle IPA sales have soared. Rolling month-on-month sales are up by a staggering 112.5% compared to previous year’s figures. A key audience to influence is the on-trade and a key indicator of popularity is the demand for pump clips. Marston’s has seen an unprecedented number of requests come in for the new pump clips and they show no signs of slowing down.

A strong brand and visual identity are essential ingredients of the marketing strategy and can deliver numerous benefits: improving brand and product recognition, stimulating product reappraisal, encouraging customer loyalty and ultimately providing a competitive edge.

So, if you’d like us to take a look at your branding then get in touch.

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