Giving students a lift

Student Bulb Head

The career path beyond student days is a hard one. So Bonfire always want to help provide a creative lift. Which is why we have a successful, long-standing relationship with Bedford College and its students.

Getting hands on

Over the past ten years we’ve …

  • Set hypothetical, historical and live creative briefs
  • Given support and advice on student/parent career days
  • Sponsored the college’s student awards

Career boosting

  • Student placements and work experience
  • Supply design resource books for students
  • Portfolio guidance, student mentoring and career advice

Answering their own live brief

What better way to get students excited about a live brief, then let them create it? To start, they simply need to answer these three questions:

  1. Describe an emotion you have felt this week.
  2. Name a product that inspires you.
  3. What project have you enjoyed most to date?

Their answers are placed in three boxes, with one answer picked from each box:
1: provides the brand name, 2: becomes the product, 3: the required output (e.g. advertising, identity, packaging etc.)

2 day challenge, 2 lucky winners

Second year HND students answer this potentially illogical brand proposition. Students have to think about the reasoning behind the product name, brand story and target audience.

After a lot of creative strain, the two students who best answer the brief win a real career head start, six months mentoring with one of our directors. While portfolio surgeries are given to everyone who took part.

“I was very fortunate during my education to meet many industry people who guided and inspired me. One thing we are keen to ensure at Bonfire is that new blood gets the same valuable input to help them make decisions about their chosen career path.” - Stephen Judge, Director and Founder, Bonfire
“Our relationship with the team at Bonfire is an example of employer engagement at its best. Their generous ongoing support of time and expertise is highly valued by students and staff alike.” - Jeffrey Tribe, Senior Graphics Tutor, Bedford College

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