Have you got what it takes?

Fancy a gruelling 12-mile run through obstacles, mud and freezing cold water? You might think we’re crazy, but our team loved Tough Mudder and we’re not alone, there are now 2 million others who’ve joined nationwide and it’s an event loved worldwide too. Beyond the pain barrier, it’s all for charity!

After all that blood (yes, blood), sweat, pain and mud we’re raring to do another, with a few of us already signed up to next year.

If you fancy it yourself, let us give you the heads up on what you’re getting yourself into.

Arctic Enema

Submerge your body into an ice cold bath to get to the other side, and pass underneath tyres and barbed wire.

Cry Baby

Scurry through a small dark tunnel filled with tear gas. Try not to cry though; it’s a sign of weakness!!

Electroshock Therapy

‘It’s like being hit by a hammer’. Run through electrically charged wires to get to the finish line and remember, you’re going to be soaking wet at this point. Just don’t fall over because it’s even harder to get up when you’re being hit with 10,000 volts!

Team Camerade

Although it’s tough, throughout the whole course you’re never alone. Everyone is out to help each other defeat the course rather than race you to the end. Strangers will hoist you over walls, help you back-up if you stumble and keep you going.

When I say Tough you say….MUDDER!

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