In digital, it’s good to be square


Digital is ever changing. To stay ahead Debbie Irvine our Digital Strategy Manager stepped up to take Squared Online, Google’s award-winning digital marketing course.

Live online classes

Squared Online tutors, all experts in their field, hosted classes every week. It offered real insight into every aspect of digital marketing. Far from learning by numbers, hands on interactive workshops meant classes were lively and engaging.

Industry leaders would stream lectures. Interactive participation meant this moved way beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Do interrupt!

During all lectures, streamed with an Adobe programme, any number of detailed questions could be answered.

Group work went global

Collaboration was key. You worked in groups, problem solving and peer-to-peer learning with students worldwide (marketing managers to digital designers). Twice a week you’d work together via the Google hangout video stream and other participants were as likely to be from Australia as Aberdeen.

Give me five

Completed five group projects:

1. Video introduction to your ‘fellow squares’

2. Pitch document for an online business

3. Proposal for the launch of a new female beauty product

4. Digital marketing and measurement proposal for client’s website

5. Sell your idea on a major, influential digital trend

In Debbie’s words

“I found this course inspiring. Working with other likeminded professionals and receiving such positive feedback from fellow Squares really helped my confidence. Keeping abreast of digital trends is so important within my role and this course definitely helped broaden my knowledge of all things in the current and emerging digital landscape. The course was hard work on top of doing my full time job but was well worth the effort.”

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