It’s all in the name: Kaboodle

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When domestic appliance installation company KAI moved on from their associate partner, it wanted to create a new brand for the business that would support its growth plans.

The company has been installing domestic kitchen appliances to new builds and existing homes through contracts with developers and high street retailers for over 25 years. But with independence came ambition and we were tasked with developing a new name and proposition that would distinguish the company from competitors and generate interest among prospects.

Operating in a noisy but conservative B2B environment meant we needed to create a brand with personality, one which customers could buy into. We created a playful brand name, “Kaboodle”, taking inspiration from the phrase “kit and caboodle” and the company’s work handling the delivery and installation of kitchen appliances.

The new brand has given the company the confidence to move forward and take on their competitors. External feedback so far is that Kaboodle has strengthened their position in the market with a clear brand and proposition that covers new build and replacement sectors and as a result, they have already secured investment funding to support their growth plans, and won significant new retail accounts.

The new brand has become such an asset that Kaboodle is now exploring other opportunities to expand the business, including additional product ranges to their service, an online installation resource, and a ‘direct to consumers’ installation service.

Kaboodle’s vision is to “install every kitchen appliance in the UK” and we like to think that our branding work has boosted their chances.

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