Launching the City of London’s Low Emission Neighbourhood

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Bonfire has been working with the City of London Corporation to develop the visual identity and marketing collateral for the launch of its new Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN), in the Barbican, Guildhall and Barts area of the City of London, as part of its CityAir initiative.

The aim of the project is to improve air quality for people living and working in the area through targeted interventions that tackle key sources of air pollution. The LEN sits under the Corporation’s CityAir initiative that encourages City businesses to help improve the air quality by suggesting simple and effective actions that businesses can take to reduce the emissions of pollutants.

Having previously created the brand identity for the City Air project, the City of London Corporation briefed Bonfire CI to create an extension of this successful project, to sit within the wider City Air visual identity and campaign, for LEN.

The campaign creative focuses on a number of key areas that help improve air quality, such as people walking and cycling, electric vehicles charging, and new tree planting areas. These activities are set against a backdrop of the City skyline, with emphasis on local buildings such as the Barbican Towers. The visual identity comes with a defined colour palette of greens and blues, selected to complement one another, to give the impression of a green, clean, liveable neighbourhood.

The visual identity and imagery will be used on the City of London Corporation’s website and on all marketing materials including flyers, booklets, posters, HTML emails and banners from January, and throughout, 2017.

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