Learning to efficiently manage your time is the key


A pearl of knowledge that can be of use to everyone in their working and personal life.

Nikki, an account manager here at Bonfire has been away from the office and back into the classroom this week. Undertaking a course focussed around Time Management, Nikki has returned to Bonfire certificate in hand, to pass on some valuable pearls of wisdom to share with us all.

Before using this video as a good example of effective Time Management, Nikki posed a mental challenge to us:

‘If you take an empty jar, a handful of large stones, a handful of small stones, some sand and some water. They will all fit into the jar, but which would you put in first?’

This video demonstrates a metaphorical technique which represents the time you have in a day and how you can fill it most efficiently.

It accurately breaks down the metaphor and explains that if you make time for the most important things in your life first, everything else will fit nicely around it.

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