MK Geek Night

Bonfire is proud to sponsor MK Geek Night: a local heads together with some of the best and brightest in the creative space.

A creative heads together

We always like to show support for local events. One close to our hearts and profession is MK Geek Night, a quarterly, informal mini conference in Milton Keynes for marketers, creatives and developers. With this in mind, we were proud to sponsor the most recent event in December and, of course, be there!

Free for all

This free, local event provides a forum for people to meet, network and chat about the web, design, UX, development, creativity, photography, laser art and more great topics. It’s a rare chance to see some of the best speakers in the creative space – funded entirely on sponsorship.

Designer labels

An added bonus of sponsoring the event meant we got the chance to design and print beer labels. These appeared on a hoppy pale ale, generously supplied by another lead sponsor, the Verdant Brewing Company of Cornwall.

MKGN Pale Ale

The name of the event literally covered the bottle, as this Verdant beer was called #MKGN (MK Geek Night) Pale Ale. Complete with tasting notes, we had it all wrapped up.

Well what a night! It was a great chance to network, we’re circling the next MK Geek Night in our calendar.

See you there? You’ll find the next MK Geek Night listed here:

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