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As brands focus more and more on customer experience every touchpoint becomes critical to helping acquire, grow and maintain ongoing customer loyalty and advocacy.

Whether you are a FMCG brand, fashion retailer, supermarket, TV services supplier or service business it’s never been more important to look at new ways of exploring the parameters of what your brand represents, what it could be and which touchpoints can deliver business opportunity as well as awareness and reach to your customers.

So we are collaborating with Ideas Group to launch Mobile Brands, an exciting new proposition that combines our joint experience and expertise in visual communication, branding, retail interiors, visitor spaces, vehicle conversion, integrated on-and-offline campaigns, OoH activations and events to deliver more than a one off brand activation.

Mobile Brands is about two things: brand and business opportunity. It’s about creating a brand asset that will deliver on short-term project needs, such as a launch, but also explores ways to capitalise on your investment and create further revenue opportunity by aligning the initial requirement with a growing expectation from consumers – ongoing and meaningful relationships with brands.  It’s about finding a solution that fits your brand purpose, personality and proposition and aligning this with long-term business goals. Many companies we speak to are either already exploring this very subject, or have it as the next thing on their to do list; looking at ways to reach out beyond bricks and mortar and into the world of their customers.

And this is so much more than just converting a Citroen van into a mobile coffee outlet. It’s about creating the right ‘mobile or live experiential platform’ that can be activated quickly to support your brand marketing and enabled tomorrow to support business growth.

We’ll collaborate with clients to create bespoke solutions, driving the entire process from brand articulation for mobile application to design, specification, production and delivery.

To discover more about how Mobile Brands can support the expansion and growth of your brand and business, call Stephen Judge on 01525 841079, email [email protected] or Nick Townend on 01904 435181, email [email protected].

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