Pugs NOT Plugs

Bon 7896 1 News Crops 2400X1800 Pugs

Our star pug engaged an audience of over 2 million pet owners to help launch the Bosch Pet Athlet cordless vacuum cleaner.

To launch their Pet Athlet cordless vacuum cleaner, Bosch wanted something relevant and engaging to connect with pet owners. Loveable pets that would cut through the noise on Facebook.

Our campaign was fast, fun and featured bold typography that got the message across loud and clear: “Love pugs not plugs.”

The campaign tapped into the trend of sharing lovable animal videos on social media. Bonfire CI created custom social media content, two videos, two link previews and a multi-product ad, for a Facebook campaign that focused on reinforcing the cordless feature of the vacuum cleaner.

This highly targeted social media campaign which also featured a kitten co-star, was perfect for Facebook. The shared campaign content achieved more than 788,000 video and most importantly drove more than 43,000 click-throughs to the brand’s website and dealer locator from Facebook.

With results like these, this pug may need an agent!

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