Quentin Blake Christmas Cards Ad

Our creative artworker Chloe is an avid Quentin Blake follower, so she was star struck when we briefed her to prepare some press ads using his artwork.

We have been working with Survival International for several years and it’s always a pleasure to see their press ads in the flesh, and Quentin Blake was the man behind the illustrations to be used once again this year. For the past month we’ve been working with their Head of Trading, PR & Fundraising, Ghislain Pascal, to get all of the adverts off to magazine giants such as Vogue, Tatler and Vanity Fair in time for the lead up to Christmas.

Chloe and Mike teamed up to work on this exciting project. “Quentin Blake has always been an inspiration to me, ever since I was little, so naturally when I was given this project I was extremely excited,” exclaims Chloe.

This week they’ve hit the shelves and look wonderful. If you’d like to purchase your pack head to www.survivalinternational.org/shop – all proceeds go to Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. You can find out more about what they do here: http://www.survivalinternational.org/

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