Quingo – ‘Driving’ enquiries up by 300%

Advantage Marketing Corporation (AMC) are the exclusive distributors of the unique Quingo range of mobility vehicles in the UK, which are sold directly to consumers.

The company approached Bonfire to assist with a strategic review of its marketing activity, in particular national press ads, direct mail and insert leaflet campaigns, which had seen a decline in response rates and reducing Return on Investment (ROI).

We concluded that the success of campaigns could be improved with greater brand consistency across the different ad executions, which should more clearly focus on the benefits of the products.

We came up with a more contemporary design approach, without alienating the target audience, and we developed a range of different campaign messages that highlighted the lifestyle improvements the vehicles could offer.

In addition, AMC asked us to redesign the company’s newsletter, ‘Active!’. Mailed to the company’s database, ‘Active!’ aims to drive enquiries to the call centre and help make customers receptive to sales calls.

Now akin to a customer magazine, with inviting, engaging content to encourage an active and invigorating lifestyle, the results have been phenomenal.

The insert campaigns have delivered an ROI 67% higher than previously. The direct mail campaigns featuring the new look magazine now deliver one appointment for every 24 calls as opposed to 1 in 72 calls previously, an increase of 300%.

Mark Nicholls, Managing Director at Quingo, said: “Our unique range of scooters give our customers back their freedom and independence and we wanted to take a new approach to our positioning and advertising that focusses on these benefits, as well as the unique personal service we provide”.

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