Raising a glass to Charles Wells

Pump Clips 2400X1800

We wanted to raise a glass to Charles Wells, the largest independent brewer in the UK, to celebrate all the fantastic seasonal specials and limited-edition cask ales that they’ve asked us to brand and stylise.

Having worked closely with the brewery in recent years, we’ve come to understand what’s crucial when naming and branding a new beer that’s headed for the pub.

Many pub goers, in particular men with a penchant for ale, say they don’t know what they will be drinking until they arrive at the bar – in fact, 72% do not make the decision until they actually see what’s on offer at the pumps. So clearly, it’s incredibly important that the name and branding stand out in this environment.

There’s a little-known secret to naming a beer brand that can help make it easily recalled and selected at the bar (which we won’t be divulging!), but this also needs to be reflected in eye-catching logos, pump clips and merchandise to stand out from the crowd.

And with great brand names and vibrant designs like these, we know they’ll make the first round!

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