Say goodbye plastic, and hello Greenpeace tote bags


In December we were contacted by Greenpeace to get people to pledge not to use plastic bags in 2016. In exchange Greenpeace would give them a limited edition canvas tote bag.

With two designs already in existence we were asked to produce two additional designs to complete a set of four designs promoting the use of bags for life. The additional designs were to depict ‘renewable energy’ and ‘deforestation’. The only restrictions were that the designs, whilst promoting serious issues, needed to have a fun positive vibe, and that the concepts needed to be approved and artworked within four days in order to be ready for hand out in the new year. Always up for a challenge we delivered two great new designs to the screen printer within the set deadline.

There were some great wins for the environment in 2015 with England joining the rest of the UK with a 5p plastic bag charge. In support of the campaign and to keep the number going down, we’re signing up as many people as possible to a new year’s pledge: not to buy any single-use plastic bags in 2016.

Although all the bags have now been handed out, you can still sign up to the campaign here:

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