Setting the Style

Haircare Bosch

Quiff, Bob, you name it, we styled it and filmed it!

The challenge

Haircare was a new market for Bosch in the UK. They wanted to make a big impact when launching their Pro-Salon and KeratinAdvance hair dryers and straighteners. Above all they wanted people to understand how best to use these new products. So in partnership with the Bosch team, we started getting to the root of the UK haircare market, with in-depth research providing some great insights.

The research

First we talked to stylists and customers, and what it revealed was confusion. There was little understanding of how best to use products to create a certain look. So we thought if Bosch could ‘unlock’ the secrets of simple styling, their haircare products would naturally become ‘the answer’.

The solution

We wanted to create dynamic, upbeat videos of models talking through each classic style, from long bob to quiff, exclusively using Bosch’s haircare products. Each model is engaging and natural, giving voice to haircare novices everywhere. Delivering the feeling of ‘I could do that!’

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