Shaking up the education sector

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Helping our clients to identify and realise growth opportunities for their businesses has always been a driving force behind Bonfire.

So, when our client Teach came to us to for help bringing a technology start-up to market, we jumped at the chance.  The big idea was to develop an online platform that would allow schools and education staff to connect with each other directly to simplify the process, and reduce the cost, of hiring permanent, temporary or supply staff.  

But all we had was the idea … we needed to design and build the platform and create a brand.  Plan Staff Now is the first of its kind in the education sector and has the potential to completely transform the recruitment process, and save schools thousands of pounds in fees, so we had to make sure we had a robust product and proposition before launching the business.

Our tech team set about building the platform while our creative team devised the brand name Plan Staff Now. The platform allows education professionals to quickly and easily update their profile, qualifications and relevant experience and once uploaded they'll appear to schools searching for permanent or temporary  staff. For schools, Plan Staff Now provides access to thousands of education staff in one place and enables them to set a search-criteria to quickly find the most relevant person for the role and within a given radius.

Plan Staff Now has now launched and we are busy developing our marketing and PR programmes aimed at driving sign up among schools and education staff

You can find out more about Plan Staff Now at and if you are looking for help to bring a new business idea market, we’d love to help.  Call Stephen Judge on 01525 xxx or email [email protected].

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