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LCH (Luton Community Housing) is a housing association that provides homes and support for people in the community who are struggling to be fully independent. As a growing organisation, LCH wants to maintain this momentum and appointed Bonfire to look at updating its branding to help support this ambition.

They also asked us to look at how a new brand can be reflected in the organisation’s revenue driving sub-brands, which include Cleaning and Gardening solutions and Luton Community Lettings. With limited flexibility and lack of recognition, we felt a new name for Luton Community Housing was needed.

The new name had to reflect the company’s character, be flexible with the sub-brands, be brave, be bold and stand out in a busy housing association sector but also illustrate the supportive offering and character of the company.

Building on LCH’s commitment to go further and provide more for its customers, we proposed the brand name Squared – illustrating that LCH is a multiple of itself, listening more, caring more and being more supportive. The client loved it.

We’ve designed a brand identity around the word Squared, with the Q being manipulated into a number two, much like squaring in a mathematical equation.

The typography is bold and confident with a bright colour palette to complement the tone of voice and stand out.

The strapline, ‘TO THE POWER OF YOU’, is a play on the nature of “squaring” and “the power of”, whilst also empowering the audience.

We’ve also created five sub-brands which have been assigned their own master colour to give them independence while retaining links to the Squared master brand.

The new brand identity has been submitted for trademarking and we’ve developed brand guidelines to create marketing assets and enable the team at Squared to launch its new brand to market.

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