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Top100 Golf Courses

Top 100 Golf Courses is the largest independent golf review site in the world. It’s where amateurs and professionals both turn for thousands of independent reviews they can trust, with no affiliation or agenda.

Since its inception nearly 10 years ago (also by Bonfire) the site has evolved and grown organically. In fact, growth has been so significant that now, if you’re browsing for golf course reviews, Top 100 will always appear in search results.

The site is loved by search engines and golfers but advancements in coding and search engine algorithms meant the site needed an upgrade if it was to continue to grow. It needed to be future proofed for the likes of Google, who increasingly rate sites on page loading speeds and responsiveness.

We planned, managed, redeveloped and transferred the entire site, with a new look and feel. Day of switch over on a site of this scale is always a nail biting moment, as traditionally there is a drop in service. With a successful advertising revenue model built on such high rankings, there was a lot at stake.

We made the switch and all our hard work paid off. On day of launch traffic actually increased and the since launch traffic and page views are up from 7m to almost 8m!

Now Top 100 Golf Courses is future ready. The new site benefits from faster speeds, is more user friendly, easier to update, maintain and manage. It’s also far more responsive on desktops, tablets and mobiles. So wherever you are, you can always find the perfect course, no bother.

If you want your website to step boldly into the future, be loved by Google and be more responsive on mobiles and tablets, contact Stephen Judge on 01525 841079 or email [email protected]

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