The ‘magic’ of our design team

Bon 7161 Dynamo

At Bonfire, we love to build a great rapport with all of our clients… and create a little magic.

We were approached by Interact Medical who are currently the UK’s third largest locum recruitment agency. They want to be number one and contact Bonfire to help them get there.

To achieve this they would require a long-term but high impact creative solution that would standout in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace.

Whilst we were given a ‘no holes barred’ brief, during the creative process we opted for an ‘evolution not revolution’ approach to preserve as much of their existing brand identity as possible. It was during our initial meetings that the team at Interact Medical noticed that Mic, our lead designer on the project, had an uncanny resemblance to the TV magician Dynamo, and despite his many protestations, the nickname stuck for the remainder of the project.

Interact Medical’s Director, Marty, was so taken with the likeness he even got a pic of himself with Mic. Just so he could pretend that he had actually met the famous magician!

They were so pleased with the way Dynamo, sorry Mic, and the Bonfire Team had created a unique, scalable and sophisticated brand campaign, based on their own name, they declared it “one of the best creative solutions we’ve ever seen”.

Magicians we may not be, but we believe that what Team Bonfire delivers is indeed magic.

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