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We believe inspiration doesn’t start within four walls. It's all too easy to fall into the trap of forgetting what really inspires and motivates us all.

Every year the Bonfire team are given time to revisit, remember or discover what truly inspires them. It really is a case of ‘whatever works for you’ – from truly personal journeys down memory lane to cutting edge art galleries, a love of vintage automotive beasts to tunnels lined with graffiti.

The only criteria? Inspiring experiences are shared back to the team in less than 250 words supported by a handful of images.

Dan Umney, our creative head, visited The Serpentine Pavilion and Summer House Project, and commented: ‘So much of our job involves being inside and looking at small stuff on a screen, it’s nice to get out there and among something designed to be bigger than us.”

If you want an inspired team to work on your project or brief, contact Stephen Judge on 01525 841079 or email [email protected]

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