The power of video

Picture this, you have never set foot in a cinema before, let alone seen anything resembling film. In a darkened auditorium surrounded by hushed crowds you watch a steam train journey hurtling at speed directly towards your cinema seat.

This was the exact celluloid experience which terrified audiences in 1895. When the Lumiere brothers screened their first film, ‘Arrival of a train at La Ciotat’, it truly shocked audiences. By today’s standards these stuttering images, accompanied by a plonking piano soundtrack, look quaint and tame but the power of film hasn’t diminished. Movies and video still instil deep emotions. They make us laugh, cry and hold the power to scare the living daylights out of us.

Now we are spoilt for choice, if not overwhelmed, with film on every channel, from YouTube to cute pet videos clogging up Facebook feeds. With the latest Apps, everyone has the power to create a video in the palm of their hand. With infinite videos available to all, the challenge is to cut through this virtual noise and create one that really engages. This is crucial, as we now have much shorter attention spans than the film audiences of 1895. So the right moment to capture your audience is ‘right away’.

Does video have influence? From the overwhelming facts and figures it seems yes, and the amount of time consumers spend watching online video is continually growing. Research by Google shows consumers don’t just love online video – it influences them. It earns unprecedented lifts in consideration and favourability. It impacts purchasing. And the creators making it are the most influential of all.

Check out our story “More mileage from making it in-house” to find out how we made a powerful video for Bosch Home Appliances that stopped people in their tracks.

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