The UK’s first garden city is reimagined as a centre for the arts

Broadway Cinema

Letchworth Heritage Foundation, inspired by its already successful Broadway Cinema brand, approached us to unite its cultural venues under one brand. With big plans in store for all venues, we seized this great opportunity.

A major new refurbishment would see the Broadway Cinema become a two-in-one venue and provide the scope to screen both the latest movies in high definition and show the very best in live theatre (round of applause). As part of the programme Letchworth Arts Centre is also being refurbished. This will provide more space to display the latest exhibitions and, cappuccinos at the ready, there’s even a new café. This transformation will make Letchworth a local and regional centre for arts and culture.

Uniting all of the cultural venues under one brand required a strong and simple solution, centred on the existing Broadway name. Picture a viewfinder, a flexible framing device that we created to utilise the ‘L’ from Letchworth. It’s a graphic, iconic device to frame all key touchpoints within the new venues and much, much more besides.

‘Broadway’ now stands for arts and culture, not just cinema. Letchworth has a lot to look forward to, and we’re ordering up the popcorn.

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