Traction Sound - Finding a new sound (and visual identity)

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When the team at Scicoustic asked us to create visual identities for the launch of three exciting new Traction Sound product ranges, we were all ears.

In collaboration with the Traction Sound team, we’ve designed three striking sub-brand logos, echoing the quality and power of the company’s ‘Hawk’, ‘Harrier’ and ‘Raptor’ sound systems.

We took inspiration from the parent company’s logo and re-imagined it to transition into graphic representations of three different birds of prey. We’ve also turned the graphics into digital animations for use online.

Traction Sound systems, with unique characteristics that set them apart, are some of the finest in the world and are loved by many DJs and music acts at festivals, gigs, major music productions and events.

They are so highly-rated that, towards the end of last year, a stack of Traction Sound speakers was selected to be at the heart of a ground breaking interactive exhibit, ‘Raptor’, in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall.

They provided the sonic component of this highly emotive and thought-provoking installation by acclaimed Cuban artist and activist, Tania Bruguera, which was inspired by the global immigration crisis.

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