What keeps marketers up at night?


Great relationships are critical to any business operation, and marketing is no exception, as this recent survey by ALF highlights. In our strive for perfection we can’t help but carry our concerns around; we are only human after all. There are two key statistics in this research highlighting the importance of trusted peer relationships in helping relieve this, and getting some well earned Zzzzs.

The main concern, keeping almost a third of marketers (27%) awake, is having the right level of internal resource. With limited resource the effective delegation between internal resource and trusted external partners is essential; so making sure you have the right agency partner is critical for peace of mind.

Whilst head count is an issue, the relationship between peers is not with only 5% citing it as a concern. This shows that trust and respect within teams is high, but both quality and quantity is desired. We strongly believe this is where your agency partner can help; but only if you have as much trust in your agency as your team. If not you have to question if you have the right agency partner to enable that much needed sleep.

As an external agency we know that great results come from great relationships. This means not only responding to project briefs, but also listening to your business challenges, supporting resourcing gaps, providing additional insights and specialist knowledge where needed.

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