What makes us tick?

The world is changing and so are we, bringing a wider set of specialist skills together, to think more effectively. As a media-neutral creative consultancy, Bonfire evaluates your business objectives and develops the perfect channel mix, delivering the ultimate in customer experience and ROI.

Integration is the future and all communications strategies that implement this for the benefit of the customer and brand will have the edge. Here we bring to life our way of thinking, with examples of how each approach has worked in practice, as nothing speaks louder than results.

1. Spot the difference

  • Insight
  • Strategic direction
  • Optimisation

All successful business and brand stories start with an opportunity, the seed of an idea. It’s about finding your niche and identifying that difference, and insight provides the commercial context from which opportunities and strategies are developed.

Due to the proliferation of consumer empowering technology, insight is no longer ‘hindsight’. Insight has become a living, breathing organism giving us the ability to monitor and report on all marketing activity, in near real-time, enabling us to optimise campaigns and achieve even greater impact and ROI.

Where we’re making a difference

  • Re-targeting strategy and profiling research led to social media campaign driving 43,000 visitors to landing page and dealer locator
  • In-depth research led to rediscovery of lost brand asset for the redevelopment and global relaunch of a historic export brand

2. Telling the truth

  • Brand proposition
  • Identity development

How you manage your brand proposition, identity and story are vital to long-term success. That’s why successful companies place real emphasis on the creation, development, guardianship and ongoing review of the assets used in telling their brand story.

The more accurate and truthful your story, the easier it is for people to believe, consider and buy into. Great brands rarely undergo radical change, unless there is big shift in the market customer landscape. Like any prize garden, maintenance is key.

A truthful proposition works in practice

  • 3 year growth plan achieved in first 12 months after brand development
  • 50% increase in turnover within 6 months of rebrand

3. The message and the medium

  • Effective marketing
  • Creative solutions

Marketing looks to capture, express and promote the essence of your brand in the most creative and appropriate way. It’s about exploring all brand touchpoints, channels and media, and apportioning your resources in the most effective way. All underpinned by your business objectives.

Two main components affect the outcome of any marketing activity: the first is tailoring the right message to the right audience, the second is in establishing the most effective channels to reach the right audience at the right time.

Reaching a bigger audience

  • 79% of viewers agreed the brand idents on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch made them more curious about the brand
  • UK advertising campaign so successful it was rolled out globally

4. Loyalty comes down to experience

  • Brand environment
  • Community and loyalty

The ultimate brand experience happens in the real world, and it’s personal. It’s not just about getting your brand out there, it’s about both the physical and emotional ‘moments’ created when people come into contact with your brand, wherever they are: at work or play.

This includes the design of both business and retail environments, the creation and management of a seamless multi-device experience, interacting with and managing your brand’s communities in the virtual world, and much, much more; before, during and after purchase.

Where and how we’ve made a difference

  • Review of customer journey, branding and wayfinding for department store restaurant saw a 22% YoY uplift
  • Creation and management of the largest and most effective national online brand community in the world, and sector, for a global brand.

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