White Heat at 25 – Bob Carlos Clarke and Marco Pierre White

Bon 7161 White Heat

Marco Pierre White is a name many will know and that’s thanks in part to the photography of Bob Carlos Clarke and his now infamous book ‘White Heat’.

Bonfire has worked with the Bob Carlos Clarke Estate, Lindsay Carlos Clarke, Tamara Beckwith and Ghislain Pascal, in the branding, signage, exhibition catalogues and other marketing collateral, of their Little Black Gallery project. The gallery has been created pay homage to the late photographer himself, and to promote the art of photography and support new and emerging photographers.

The gallery recently celebrated the 25th anniversary edition of Marco Pierre White’s book, White Heat, with an exhibition of photographs from the book.

Bob and Marco were great friends and the book was the first cookbook to have the chef photographed in action in the kitchen. The book also helped define Marco as the ‘enfant terrible’ and ‘rock star chef’ of his day.

‘White Heat 25’ is out now published by Mitchell Beazley, and includes 60 extra pages of previously unpublished pictures. Some of the images, including ‘Marco Smoking’, shown above, are also available as limited edition prints from The Little Black Gallery.

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