Bonfire : onBrief – 21 years of Creative Intelligence™

For 21 years Bonfire has had creative solutions at its heart: challenging briefs and traditional thinking when the opportunity allows, and showing what a healthy blend of insight, strategy, creative and design thinking can achieve.

It’s often said that “variety is the spice of life” and from the very outset we wanted to work across multi-sectors to ensure we maintained creative diversity and, whilst not the easiest way to grow a business, this diversity has enabled us to keep our thinking and delivery fresh. This diversity has also helped forge our resilience and sustainability as an agency over the years seeing us through many periods of economic downturn.

In many respects; nothing has changed in 21 years. We believe it’s still about the customer/consumer journey and experience; it’s the channels and techniques that have changed with strong creative execution at the centre of everything.

We move forward into the next 21 years, into a future where creativity has an even bigger role to play in the cluttered world we live in. Where the balance between brand building and short-term transactional gain will need to be addressed.

A future that still requires proven design thinking methodologies to frame, create and deliver meaningful business, brand and customer outcomes, and one where technology and sustainability will play an ever-increasing physical and emotional role.

Over the coming days we will be sharing some of the highlights of the past 21 years. Like having many children, secretly you have a favourite but can’t ever say which one, but we’ve given it a go. We have spared you the lowlights (there have been many and they are what have made us who we are today) as now is the time to smile and enjoy the memories built on Community, Integrity and Results as we look forward to creating the next with you all.

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