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When Cablecraft, one of the UK’s largest cable management suppliers, asked Bonfire for help updating its branding, we didn’t just say “yes”, we asked “why”?

After consulting with the Cablecraft team, it became clear to us that the company had strong values and unrivalled products, but this wasn’t coming through clearly in the company’s brand and external profile.

If the company was to increase revenue in international markets and through ecommerce sales, it was necessary to ensure that existing and potential customers understood what the business stands for.

Extensive research revealed how Cablecraft was perceived and this insight helped form a new brand vision supported by re-defined statements of purpose and values.

The subsequent brand key informed the creation of a bolder, more confident and contemporary approach, which we then translated into a new visual identity and supporting marketing collateral.

By adopting an evolutionary approach to Cablecraft’s branding it was possible to retain the approachable and trustworthy characteristics for which Cablecraft was already well know, whilst adding new and confident elements to the company’s communications and marketing materials.

As a specialist, service-oriented business, Cablecraft relies on its people to be knowledgeable and develop partnerships with suppliers and customers, so it has been important to launch the new vision, purpose and values and brand identity, to its staff first.

We’ve also been consulting on the design and build of a new website, which will go live later this year. Designed to increase traffic from existing and potential customers and to give confidence in Cablecraft’s products and services, the new site will be much easier to navigate, making the user journey quicker and more rewarding.

As you can see, this brief turned out to be so much more than just a brand refresh, because we didn’t just say “yes” to the project, we asked the all-important question… “why?”

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