CGI: The only limit is your imagination

CGI starts with client’s brief. Once initial concepts have been developed we move from the drawing board to create 3D visuals that fire the imagination; bringing retail environments to life, creating animations and illustrations to communicate with impact and style.

The advantage of creating something bespoke for your brand, means you have something ‘ownable’. An original image that rises above a raft of generic stock shots. It gives you full creative control with rendering techniques, texture mapping and colour adjustment. Which means everything created is 100% original, and relevant to both the concept and your brand.

We recently added a touch of CGI to a cashback promotion for Bosch where we created a CGI pig to replace a previously used stock image. It trotted into everything, from bunting to banners, and used product detailing from a washing machine in creating its snout and ears.

The possibilities are limitless: from racing cars, inseparable from the original, to truly bespoke character illustration and animation, to social media content/campaigns, to online videos, to 3D illustrations, to interactive exhibitions, and retail environments; CGI can take your brand anywhere.

Our team are happy to talk through any aspect of your campaign and bring it to life. Where would you like CGI to take your brand?

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