Thinking outside the box – creating retail spaces that inspire

There’s been a revolution in the way we shop, here’s how we’re ahead of the game.

Retail is changing, from influencing the flow of customers to digital advancements that streamline the way we shop in store. To compete in a crowded marketplace interior design needs to adapt, be flexible and make the best use of the latest technology.

Our team of retail architecture experts create the best possible customer experiences linking it with digital expertise whenever they can to solve what can be very complex retail business challenges.

The results? Here’s a sample of what’s been achieved for some major retailers over the last few years…

Boosting sales for TK Maxx

What’s the best way to get around a store that’s got a typical floor space of 20,000 sq ft?

TK Maxx wanted to maximise their space to help customers seamlessly find exactly what they needed in store. This meant redesigning their interior to improve customer journey and navigation. Combining shelf, signage and store design as an integrated process gave TK Maxx a whole new look and commercial lift.

Helping Swift attract speedy shoppers

Shopping doesn’t get any faster paced than airports. So how do you catch the racing crowds? For Swift we created a modular mobile retail system that literally took the shop and the tills to the customer. Which meant travellers naturally flowed past displays, providing the perfect window to capture more sales.

Sales increased for Swift and this unique airport retail model is now being rolled out across Europe.

Bringing an e-store in store for Republic

How do you meet the demand for digital? By bringing it in store. For Republic we created a digital e-store web site, so you could swiftly scroll through their collection, then click and collect. This was achieved with large screens made of intelligent glass, and this seamless interactive surface provided fast and convenient ‘touch screen’ shopping.

Digital is shaping the future of retail

Digital is dramatically changing the way we shop and smart retailers are harnessing it, evolving their ‘click and collect’ services and bringing all the advantages of digital technology in store to enhance customer experiences and manage stock. Those who are making it integral to their retail model are succeeding. Bricks and mortar have to work seamlessly with zeros and ones to provide shoppers today with what they expect. High street retailers are no longer in competition with each other, they are also up against, and will be compared to, any company that delivers a truly integrated personalised brand customer experience across multiple channels.

The fairest of the wall

Bright new ways to shop include… interactive mirrors reflect your image and allow you to virtually change your outfit without hauling clothes into the fitting room. Could this be the end of hot and bothered?

Goodbye queues

POS devices in store used by staff now mean it’s possible to check out anywhere. Likewise smartphone shopping could wipe out the need for tills, mumbles and groans.

Very smart tags

RFID chips inserted into shopping tags allow access to vast amounts of data, from inventory to triggering a specific video about the product the customer is holding as they walk past a screen.

iKnow you

We all carry our smartphones. So retailers are harnessing this with apps that track purchases, trigger targeted content, update loyalty points and accept payment. Happy iShopping. Thought of the moment – Consider the fact that every customer carries a very high spec computer in their pocket and how you can cleverly and cost-effectively leverage this; as opposed to installing very expensive, soon to be outmoded and depreciated, technology in store? It’s about how digital technology can best deliver the right customer experience NOT how to get the best and latest digital technology in store.

Be it a corporate interior, retail outlet, visitor attraction, airport or restaurant, the environments within which we operate and navigate our lives have a huge impact on how we behave and interact; be it with colleagues, customers, a service or product. Success needn’t mean an expensive refit either; sometimes even the most simple of changes can have a profound impact on motivation, productivity, behaviour and bottom line.

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